BOSS Academy

Empowering YOUR Health Journey

6-Month Group Coaching Program

If you think you have tried it all and have lost hope for lasting health...I got you.

Join the BOSS Academy and become the BOSS of your health once and for all.

- You're trying to eat healthy, but there is always a special occasion and nothing on "your plan" to eat.

- Or you are on yet another diet, and dare not go out with friends for fear of crashing and burning.

- You may even be too tired/wiped out to bother cooking anything and wonder how in the world you will ever get your energy back.

- Maybe everything was going great until some big, stressful event sent you on a binging tailspin.

You are truly considering writing off your dream of a healthy, energetic life.

Fortunately, there is someone out there who GETS you. Me.

Using my signature "BOSS Mode" framework for behavioral change and my deep scientific knowledge of what makes your body tick at a cellular level, I can help you create your ideal energetic healthy lifestyle that STICKS.

- Without dieting

- Without counting calories

- Without overwhelm

- And DEFINITELY without the blame/shame mental game

This 6-month group coaching program is perfect for those that want the education, resources, guidance, compassion and accountability that you can only get from a health coach. There are still multiple opportunities to receive 1:1 guidance, but without the higher pricing associated with a fully 1:1 high-touch coaching program.

What you get:

Improved Health

The side effect of making targeted changes is improved health and energy! Symptoms of imbalance such as weight gain, moodiness, skin issues, chronic pain and inflammation and more resolve.

Support for Success

Targeted coaching weekly at the calls to help you do the work that will be impactful for you and guide you to appropriate resources. Small group connections that will give you the community support - see, hear, & encourage each other!

No More Guesswork

Know the moves that will get you where you're going with a certified coach who will guide you in applying principles in a way that works for YOU. No more flipping a coin with Dr. Google to see what will work for you!

"I’ve done every diet, taken pills, had gastric bypass. The weight always came back. I was very skeptical coming to work with Steph - and I needed the food to be good. I am now below the weight I reached after bypass - down 75 lbs and not only has it stayed off, I am still going!" ~Val

How it works: BOSS Mode Framework for Health Transformation

What does BOSS stand for?





Created by ME to empower YOU to create a sustainable, healthy, energetic lifestyle you love, using:

  • A scientifically-proven method for achieving goals
  • An energetic health plan that puts YOU in the CEO seat
  • A method that dynamically supports your unique health journey
  • It is NOT a Diet - the BOSS Academy is NEVER about dieting

You have never failed. You have simply learned what DOESN’T work for you. Applying the BOSS Mode Framework puts you in the lab coat and guides you to creating a dynamic roadmap that adjusts based on the evidence we collect!

Here's what it looks like...

Standard Group Coaching Package

- Initial Intake with custom 4 week starter blueprint: 60 min 1:1 so that you can have a clear action to start with immediately ($150 value)
- End of Program call: 6 month, 45 min 1:1 so that you can continue taking the actions to improve your health, using the methods you have learned in the program ($125 value)
- Backpocket calls x 3 - 20 min each 1:1 - allowing you to be supported if you find yourself encountering obstacles that you need help navigating ($150 value)
- 6 months Private DM Group for Questions so that you are never stuck ($1200 value)
- 6 months Private Facebook Group for additional weekly resources and guidance based on our coaching calls ($600)
- Weekly BOSS Group Coaching Calls- ZOOM so that you have personalized support and guidance on your current health focus ($1200)
- Bi-Weekly Goal Setting Check-ins to help us ensure that you can track your journey and have full clarity on exactly what you are working on  ($300)
- Educational resource library with videos, recipes, guides and articles to support your journey ($3000 value)
- 2 Free workshops, with +1- bring a friend ($150 value)

BONUS: Keys to Energetic Health LIVE ($497 value)

TOTAL VALUE $7372 - Your investment only $3197

VIP Group Coaching Package

- Mid-Program Check-in Call (3 months) 45 min 1:1 -($125 value)
- 1:1 Direct Messaging via Free Voxer App ($500 value)
- Monthly 1:1 Goal Blueprint review and feedback (30 min ea.) ($500 value)
- Backpocket calls, unlimited - 20 min ea. 1:1 ($500+ value)
- All workshops offered + bring a friend ($300 value)

TOTAL VALUE $9297, your investment $4997

BONUS: The 6-week Keys to Energetic Health Program ($497 value) to give you a firm foundation is INCLUDED in the BOSS ACADEMY!

Standard Program

Your price:  $575 per month
OR Pay-in-Full price of  $3197

PIF Savings $250

VIP Program (3 Spots)

Your price: $875 per month
OR Pay-in-Full price of $4997

PIF Savings $250

About Me

Whether you like it or not YOU are the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your body - making the strategic decisions about how you spend your time and energy.

You are the COO (Chief Operations Officer) of your body - responsible for quality materials and supplies and making sure things run smoothly.

You are the CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) - responsible for the scientific and research operations, what works and doesn't - for YOU.

We are all different - unique - and because of all of the variables that make you YOU, you also have your own ideal diet and lifestyle that brings you to your highest energetic health. If you are all of these positions in your life - then let’s face it - YOU are the boss… so my goal is to help you BE the Boss so you can Be Well.

Who am I? I am a neuroscientist & biochemist turned health & wellness coach whose passion is to help busy people (like you?) battling with disease take back control of their own health with simple nutrition- and lifestyle-based strategies.

Using my signature BOSS Mode Framework, I work with you to harness the power built into your brain (neuroplasticity) to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes that are in alignment with who you are right now.

With me, you do NOT get a cookie cutter diet, are not suffering in hunger, are not slaving away at a gym for 10 hours a week and do not feel deprived.

What you DO get is a tailored just-for-you, by you, personalized precision nutrition and full-health roadmap that is based on YOUR goals. You get a coach - I'll be your guide and the one who walks with you on your journey into the next version of you - the you with energy, who feels good in their skin and believes in themselves - who knows that they are the boss.

Need more Info? Schedule a "no-strings" quick consult call with Stephanie!


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