Boost Vitality & Energy - Never Diet Again
  • Have you experienced weight gain, joint aches, brain fog, gut issues, cannot seem to recover, and/or feeling more and more tired?
  • Have you tried all the diets or supplements or even medications but nothing seems to work?
  • Do you struggle to keep the weight off or does it just keep mysteriously creep up a little every year?
  • Your body is telling you what it needs, you only need to learn how to listen. The truth is - it is not about willpower. And it is not your fault.

In this masterclass you will discover the keys to ignite your energy and learn exactly how you can regain the health and energy you need to live vibrantly!

JOIN the WAITLIST today for LIVE ACCESS via Zoom with the companion workbook AND my free gift to you:
A 20 Min Metabolic Health Audit where:
  1. I get to know a little bit about YOU
  2. We talk about your concern
  3. You get some resources/guidelines on your next steps!

Join me for this masterclass, IGNITE your Metabolism for lasting ENERGY!

You will:



How your expectations for healthy change can sabotage your long-term success & the THREE primary disruptors robbing you of your energy.




We cover the 6 simple shifts that are fundamental to everyone who wants to maximize their energetic health and heal from the inside out.



The steps to follow to create the plan that maps out YOUR ideal sustainable lifestyle for LASTING ENERGY (that you LOVE)

Meet the expert who will guide you through the steps to ensure you will never have to diet again.

I am a neuroscientist & biochemist turned health & wellness coach whose passion is to help those who have tried it all and have lost hope in their health become the boss of their own health with simple nutrition- and lifestyle-based strategies. Hint: it isn’t just eat less and move more - Many studies are CLEAR on that point!

Using my signature BOSS Mode Framework, I work with you to harness the power built into your brain (neuroplasticity) to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes that are in alignment with who you are right now.

Working with me, you do NOT get a cookie cutter diet, you don't go hungry or feel deprived, and you are not slaving away at a gym for 10 hours a week (unless you want to!).  YOU DO GET a no BS eye-opening education that empowers you to make health choices with confidence, and a guide (ME!) to get you there.


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