Enroll in "Keys to Energetic Health"

In this program you will learn ACTIONABLE insights into your health - the real science from a scientist combined with YOUR knowledge of YOU.

The 6 Weeks of "Keys to Energetic Health"


1. The ONE Thing (if you do NOTHING else) - Feb 28

We will talk about the most impactful change that anyone can make, no matter what your genetics or illness. You have the power to start doing this immediately. 


2. We Don't Do Hungry - Mar 6

When you focus on the right foods at the right times, you get healing and weight loss (and energy) without the hunger! For real.


3It's a Slippery Slope: Sugar, Stress & Sleep - Mar 13

These three things constantly impact and worsen each other when they are out of balance. But when you work on them intentionally, they will all get better together. This is a lynchpin in your journey to health.


4High Energy Hacks - Mar 20

This week we dive into Energy Creators and Energy Disruptors and simple hacks to supercharge your energy-making capacity.


5. Gut Check  - Mar 27

7It all comes back to your core. Your digestive tract and the impact of your gut health on everything from inflammation, mental health, energy, disease, aging, and more.


6. Your Game Plan  - Apr 3

THIS IS IT - where you now know what you need in order to put together the GAME PLAN for your ideal health journey. One that is in alignment with who you are and that feels good to you.

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